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Who We Are

Live shops Online are one of the leading online marketers and distributors of quality goods and services direct from manufacturers. We are TAHR FZC – LLC with registration number 4202773. We specialize in all our categories found within our shop.

Live Shops Online is known today for its tremendous work since the year 2019. Since then, our operations have expanded significantly. We are continuously increasing our marketing. We have successfully established a strong presence on the international level in recent years.

We have been leading online shopping deals in Europe and Asia for the past two years. Our esteem professional exportation has led us to many companies and individuals that have benefited from our interest and portfolio. Today, Live Shops Online have the most significant marketing strength in distributing goods and services from Dubai. Live Shops Online is eager to build and expand its reach to new customers and new countries.

Our distribution of goods and services includes but is not limited to these product categories:

  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Electronic Gadget
  • Fashion wears
  • Scooter & Bike
  • Gym Equipment
  • Pet Food & Collars
  • Disposable Items and a lot more.

How we Market our Goods

We export and distribute the original goods and services purchased from our platform with the fastest delivery services. We specialize in buying and selling your home.  

Our Distribution

We are delighted with the approaches we have reviewed in past years over accuracy and unique business strategies. Our primary goal is to reach all our customers with quality goods and services from reliable manufacturers. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of goods to our customers outside their geopolitical zone.

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Worldwide Shipping

We deliver all purchased item through shipping or freight to all our customer.

Best Quality

Our product is of quality, standard from reliable countries of manufacturer.

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Best price ever in spare parts. Buy with quality offer. we reward every purchase.

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Secure payment getaway for all purchase. No data disclosure, no second party data sharing.

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