Professional Scooter High Speed Freestyle Street Surfing Kick Scooter With Handlebar Aluminum Alloy Metal Adult Sports Scooter


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Professional Scooter High Speed Freestyle Street Surfing Kick Scooter With Handlebar Aluminum Alloy Metal Adult Sports Scooter


* Product name: All aluminum alloy welding scooter

* Product material: aluminum alloy

* Wheel material: rubber wheel

* Product size: 74*13*96CM

* Product load: 100KG

* Product color: blue, red, silver

Scooter instruction manual

1. Organize the handle
· After aligning the direction of the copper marbles on the handle with the holes on the two sides of the neck handle, insert them into the upper body to make an anastomosis.
· If the copper marbles of the handle and the hole of the neck handle do not really match, the handle may come off during use.

2. Upright support rod
· First loosen the lower locking buckle on the side of the support frame, then pull the handle upwards with one hand, and then pull the lower lever up with one hand to make the front fork stand up, and let the lower locking buckle spring into the support frame In the U-shaped groove, lock the lower locking buckle.
· Be sure to check the position of the locking buckle and the locked state before use.

3. Adjust the height of the handle
· Loosen the upper locking buckle, pull the handle upwards to adjust the height, and then fasten the upper locking buckle.
· If the upper rod is still loose after the upper locking buckle is fastened, adjust the tightening nut.

4. Stop
· When you want to stop while driving, brake with your foot.
· Liquid substances such as water and oil on the surface of the tire will reduce the function of the social vehicle.

5. When folded
· Fold the order of the first 1-3 items in the reverse direction.

1. Check the tightness of screws, fixing nails and adjustments before use.
2. When using a treadmill, you must wear your head, knee pads, and wrist pads. Also wear rubber shoes suitable for sports.
3. Don’t drive on wet or frozen roads and roads with lots of stones and sand, etc. that would pose a danger.
4. Do not rotate the handles greatly during driving, do not use the same car for sliding with two people, and it is forbidden to use in acrobatic performances.
5. It is not easy to limit the speed on downhill roads, so don’t slide on downhill roads, and don’t use it in heavy fog or at night.
6. In other places, the user should drive within the range where the speed can be adjusted safely, and be sure to pay attention to the speed limit.
7. When using a treadmill, you must abide by the regional regulations and traffic and road laws, and pay attention to all obstacles.
8. This product is not suitable for preschool children and elderly patients with heart disease. It is forbidden to drive after drinking.


1. Check the tightness of screws, fixing nails and adjustments before use.

2. Driving with worn tires is very dangerous, so when the tires are seriously worn out, new tires must be replaced.

3. Jumping with a treadmill or driving on uneven ground will cause damage and breakdown of the machine body and the risk of accidents, so don’t jump and don’t drive on uneven ground.

4. If the body is damaged or other parts have problems during use, please contact us as soon as possible

5. If it is not the reason for the production of cycling, we will not be held responsible

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2. If you are a customer in an EU country, this method “customized by seller” is about 60 days by rail and UPS. (Including customs clearance and tax)

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3. Our working hours: 9: 00-18: 30 Beijing time. In the meantime, we will respond to your message promptly. During the break, we may not be able to reply to your message, please understand. We will reply you within 24 hours.



Wheel Device






Applicable People


Body Material

Aluminum Alloy

Wheel Number


Model Number

Professional kick scooter

Wheel Material

rubber wheel


Professional kick scooter


blue, red, silver


aluminum alloy


rubber wheel

Product size:


Max Load weight:



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