Smile MGK-17 induction kitchen battery 8 PCs, cast aluminum, 4 pots, tempered glass lids, free PFOA, black,


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The Smile MGK-17 kitchen battery consists of 4 pots all with lid, which will cover all needs in your kitchen. They are characterized by an attractive design with finishing, wearing comfort, quality and durability.

The body and handles of the pots are made of die-cast aluminum with high quality ILAG non-stick coating. The multilayer thick bottom evenly distributes heat for optimal cooking. Glass lids with steel handles and steam outlet valves provide comfort for use.

Pans can be used in all kinds of kitchens: hob, electric, Gas, induction cookers, even in oven. They are also suitable for dishwasher.


Cast Aluminum/cast iron Base/8 PCs/glass lids/induction/free PFOA

  • Kitchen cookware set 4 PCs with lids tempered safety glass
  • Made of forged aluminum and cast iron base of the highest quality very hygienic and wear-resistant
  • High quality PFOA-free ILAG non-stick
  • High temperature resistant glass lids with stainless steel knob with steam outlet valve
  • Includes silicone gloves
  • 16 cm pot with a glass lid-1,5 L
  • 20 cm pot with a glass lid-3,5 L
  • 24 cm pot with a glass lid-5,5 L
  • 28 cm pot with a glass lid-8 L
  • Special multi-layered background to better distribute heat
  • Full induction background compatible with all heat sources including induction and Furnace

Perfect cast aluminum kitchen battery for daily use

Cast Aluminum

Cast Aluminum allows different thickness to be given to the piece, which helps to spread heat much better and get food cooked equally across the entire cooking surface.

Glass lids

High-temperature resistant glass lid with universal base made for each of the diameters of pots including kitchen battery MGK-17. It allows you to see the cooking process without the need to unclog the pot, plus each lid has a steam exhaust valve to avoid overpressure, it is suitable for dishwasher.

Base full induction

The base that has all the pots and pans of the kitchen battery MGK-17 have a full Induction multibase that will allow you to cook in any type of kitchen, whether Induction, vitroceramic or typical gas stove, it also provides a homogeneous heat distribution.

Silicone mitts

The MGK-17 kitchen battery includes a set of 2 kitchen mitts made of red thermoresistente silicone, of course, BPA free and any other toxic. You can also put them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand, as they are totally thermic and waterproof.


Thanks to its design and manufacturing in cast aluminium, the Smile MGK-17 kitchen battery is one of those sets of pots that will last you all your life, also the base is melted to the body and not glued, Which guarantees that it will not deform with respect to the body and will always give you the best temperature distribution.


The materials used are of high quality, by all means, all materials are free from any chemical such as BPA or FOBA. Thanks to the aluminium casting process, small contaminants and rust can be removed from the metal before its complete manufacture.


Smile manufactures its MGK-17 on the European continent, saving time and problems in transport by not bringing it from the Asian continent. The materials of each batch go through an exaustive control that ensures viability and durability.

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